Founded in 2006, CPN aims to exceed each and every client's expectations by providing outstanding, high-value solutions that serve to optimize system functionality and improve operation efficiency.

CPN works hard to ensure that all of our clients receive efficient and professional service. Our associates are highly-regarded for their extensive functional and technical expertise, in addition to their vast hands-on experience.

Over the years CPN has manipulate and develop a GIS system to improve the functioning of the information gained solely to be adapted to the needs of your company.

CPN uses GIS to acquire an accurate locational database, building a fully customizable maps, and develop a system for monitoring activity. With its GIS, from time to time, CPN vigorously improving the quality of its services to produce one that can raise the potential and achieve the best beneficiary for the clients company.

CPN provides a wide range of


Fleet Management Systems
which are widely used in logistics industry, car rental, operational vehicle or even vessel. The systems used
to monitor the fleet and help to analyze its utilization and productivity.

Sales Force Automation
Sales system based on locational data to manage and control sales routing, scheduling, border salesa area, and other sales activities, all of these is done automatically thus will efficiently reduce processing time and eliminate human errors.

What GIS can do?