CPN Digital Map

CPN Digital Map is one of the main tools that used to make various solutions from every feature developed by the CPN to all of the apps. The CPN Digital Map is a prime technology from the CPN integrated through API so it can be connected to other CPN apps.

The CPN Digital Map can also be used as a stand-alone product to support other app development customized for the customer’s business.

CPN Digital Map Top Feature


    - Multi-layer Map Detail
    CPN digital map has 18 zoom stages up to 1:5000 scale
    - 3 Path Classifications
    Visual differentiations from 3 path classifications including highway/inter-provincial roads, arterial roads, or collector’s locations/routes to increase legibility.

  • POI (Point of Interest)

    - POI Public Facility
    To inform the nearest public facility locations with icons display including Bank, ATM, mall, school, university, gas station, mosque, etc.
    - POI Customer Modification
    You can add your office, warehouse, and outlets location that will be displayed in the digital map as POI.
    - Customer’s Area Modification
    You can even make a mark in an area in your digital map, for example when you want to define the boundaries outside of your distribution areas, business activities, or other marks.

  • Geocode & Reverse Geocode

    The geocode feature allows you to turn the address (such as streets) into a geographical coordinate (in latitude and longitude), that can be used to place the marks on the map, or to position the map. Meanwhile, the Reverse Geocode is a process to change those geographical coordinates into a readable address.

  • Government Administrative Area

    The CPN Digital map is equipped with a territorial information display, such as administrative boundaries, with several division stages from the province, districts, and territorial boundaries under it.