XLOCATE FMS (Fleet Management System)

XLOCATE FMS is an integrated solution to monitor and manage fleets.

Top Features

  • Door Sensors

    A sensor unit to give warning when the cargo door is opened outside the procedure.

  • Temperature Sensors

    A sensor unit that gives warning if there is a temperature change in the fleet/cargo.

  • Safety (Harsh Braking & Accelerate, Driver Fatigue)

    A safety feature to avoid sudden brake or acceleration, speed limitation, to fatigue prevention that can decrease or even prevent possible accidents.

  • Loading & Unloading Duration

    To control and ensure the loading and unloading process duration do not take up too much time to keep the driver’s works effective and efficient.

Other Features

  • Location Tracking

    Including location’s data, speed, time, machine status, and vehicle sensor status.

  • Live Monitoring

    Including the vehicle data tracking, vehicle location, option to follow the vehicle, hybrid & street map, and the number of vehicles according to status (when stops or on the move), and the number of vehicles in each location.

  • RFID Reader

    Used to identify and authorize drivers and the passenger.

  • Taking Picture

    Used to take pictures that can be adjusted to meet your needs.

  • Two Way Communication

    Used to communicate with the driver (auto answer) without losing control of the vehicle.

  • Seatbelt Monitoring

    Used to monitor the seatbelt usage.

  • Fuel Level Monitoring

    To monitor the fuel level percentage according to the location and delivery time.