Our Products

PT Cakrawala Putra Nusantara

PT. Cakrawala Putra Nusantara (CPN) was established in 2006 and has more than 15 years of experience.

At the beginning of our establishment, CPN was focusing on Tracking and Digital Map. Our solution and service focus then developed to meet every customers’ needs, especially in company’s system performance optimization by increasing operational efficiency based on Information Technology (IT): web application, android application, telematics, and GIS (Geographical Information System).

Since 2010, CPN is developing IT solutions focusing on developing retail distribution systems including sales and salesman control.

A Realtime sales & distribution solution

When the most advanced technology applied in sales & distribution activity, the result is fully controllable sales management, higher efficiency and high impact on sales performance.

A Realtime fleet management system

A system that can help you to monitor and manage your fleet effectively and efficiently, such as tracking, security, fuel consumption, order management and many more.

CPN Digital Map

Your Private and customizable map

A Digital map to show where your assets are and where your area is, so that you can have more visibility about your business and can improve it.