Information technology-based business solutions provided by CPN is aimed to simplify the business process more effectively and efficiently and personally created to suit your business needs.


SADIX is one of CPN’s top applications that integrate GIS (Geographical Information System) technology with a better and thorough system, specialized to activate end-to-end sales and distribution connected in real-time. The SADIX app will help sales and distribution staff to a more controlled and effective work.

SADIX App Integration

The complex logistics and distribution process needs an adequate transportation fleet. Transportation fleet management is a crucial factor to ensure the distribution flow works well, so the business operation is not only time-effective but also cost-effective.

XLOCATE is a monitoring solution to manage the transportation fleet. XLOCATE is a comprehensive transportation management system that connects the drivers and the fleet on the road with the office staff in real-time. XLOCATE apps can operate with rental fleets, special logistic fleets, distributions, and even ships.

Based on the GIS’s latest technology and constantly updated database, CPN develops a digital map of Indonesia compatible with customer’s business needs.