SADIX Sales Force Autamation (SFA)

SADIX feature that supports control and productivity:

The Benefit of the SADIX App:

SADIX feature that supports control and productivity:

Managing daily schedule plans for every salesperson and groups each of them into different categories that can be modified as needed. This feature also works to control the implementation of the daily plans.

Working to track and ensure that the salesperson follows the trip schedule according to the plan. This tracking can be done in real-time.

This feature registers the order acquisition that the salesperson gets, where the supervisor, the manager, and even the business owner can monitor it in real-time.

This feature works to serve the customers with a credit payment scheme. Reports, inputs, and payment schedules are registered accurately on the app. There is a setting menu for the salesman or collector in charge.

Oftentimes, assets maintenance the company held in outlets/stores becomes a scourge leading to customer dissatisfaction. The SADIX app provides an Asset Tracking menu that will help monitoring the asset location and what inside the assets so merchandisers or technicians in charge can plan a visit or a routine maintenance.

In this app, the merchandiser can also monitor the installation of Point of Purchase/Point of Sales Material (POP/POSM), scanning the assets regularly, and monitoring the asset’s condition. If there are problems found in the assets, the merchandiser team will input a report that will be received automatically by the technician to fix.

The SADIX app also has a questionnaire feature that can be modified to fit on-the-field needs. You can also determine the survey time, the team assigned as the surveyor, and the survey results that can be accessed quickly.

The dashboard provided by SADIX can show the outlets’ crowd level in an outlet/store in an area, and showing either high or low sales rate in every outlet/store, so both the managements and the salespersons can make a better-suited distribution strategies. This menu is very effective for the company with a national distribution reach.

The Benefit of the SADIX App:

For Salesperson For Management
Plan Efficiency and Travel Monitoring
Helping the salespersons to plan daily schedules more efficiently to calculate the most effective route. The transaction is expected to be faster so the salespersons can add their number of daily visits. Real-time position tracking is working to monitor, observe, and control the salespersons to ensure the productivity of the salespersons’ performance.
Real-Time Order Acquisition
The salespersons can input the order acquisition practically. The supervisors, managers, and owners can monitor directly the order acquisitions that can be updated every minute in real-time.
Product Distribution Monitoring
The digital map is mapping the customer’s position using the GPS data and automatically summarizes the order data, so the salespersons can track which customers haven’t made any order for some time and which customer that hasn’t been visited yet. The managerial staffs can set strategies or mission plans furthermore to restore every customer’s potential and prevent the lost order potential.
Order Recommendation
The salespersons can see and focus easier on frequently ordered products on the Favourite Products menu, so the salespersons can decide what to focus on the next sales. The taking order reports can help the management to analyze the order results and decide on the next strategic steps.